I was a sophomore in college when I was accused of living my life as though I were “hopping down the bunny trail.”   True, I was a little naive at the time.  Everything I knew I had learned from voraciously reading books. Experience?  Practically none.

But I went for that experience every chance I got and created chances when they didn’t appear.  I think, and hope, some of that experience shows through in my writing.

I have been writing since 2006 when I first read fan fiction on the web and thought, “I can do that.”  William Grey, former editor and writer for “National Geographic,” read my manuscript of a novel and told me that my writing was worth pursuing.  I did everything I could to learn more, including reading books on how to write better and subscribing to “The Writer” magazine.

Since then, I have written short stories, a couple vignettes and drafts of three novels, two of which are in their third go-round.

My blog is about what I have learned while writing and traveling around the country in an RV.

My site includes samples of my writing and photos taken while traveling.

Here I am, one more example that it is never too late to discover your passion and follow your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. WKRP? Wasn’t that a TV show? One I loved. It’s not as easy to buy as the news would have everyone think. Most of the outlets are in Denver and everywhere else you have to have a medical approval which a doctor has to sign after a costly interview. I no longer partake because it gives me migraines.

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