Above All Be Genuine

Child Dreaming in WindowAccording to Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Robert Olen Butler, the process of writing is not intellectual, but emotional, and it is necessary to enter our dreamspace in order to write honest, inspired fiction.

I dream a lot; our dreams dive deep into our true selves—into our anxieties, fears . . . and joys.

The photo above? That’s me, eagerly looking out the window at the world. Many pounds and wrinkles later—still searching.

I like to know what other people are thinking. I hope you will let me know. You can disagree with me, of course, but please be nice about it.

8 thoughts on “Above All Be Genuine

  1. Wheee! Congratulations! 🙂

    This sounds interesting, I’m only afraid I won’t know how to follow you here? Would I need to sign up or something? My brain is not working at this hour, so I’ll check in again tomorrow morning. *HUGS*


    • I hope you received my rather wordy instructions. Again, let me know if there is any particular you would like to see on FromDreams.


  2. Hi! I followed you here from your post on LJ–this is Nicole, the writer of Event Horizons for BSG fanfiction. This is a wonderful idea/site, and I will definitely look forward to new additions from you! I’ve added the feed to my mac Mail, so I’m all set. Congratulations on the launch! Best Wishes, Nicole


  3. You did it! It looks great. I especially love all the useful links in your sidebar. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I really hope you’ll post a few things about your writing process and your experiences on the road to getting published.

    Much love,


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