The Need for Constructive “Critters”

Best intentions.  Good bloggers blog at least once a week, twice is even better.

Yes, I realize I am not one of those.  I will try harder, but guarantee nothing.

I keep discovering interesting new sites and getting sidetracked by them, and am often too lazy to get back to my blog.  One of those sites is so good I had to join it – Critique Circle.  Let’s back up a little.

I started writing fanfiction on LiveJournal years ago, and it was nice to have a “built-in” fan base, even nicer when those fans commented on how much they loved my little stories.  It can be difficult to write in a vacuum, which has always been what writers do, as writing is best done all by one’s lonesome.  On the other hand, once you decide you are serious about what you write and want to improve, “I love this story,” doesn’t give you much useful information.

Add the fact that many of us do not know how to give a constructive, helpful critique.

Enter Critique Circle.  The membership is free.  The site gives examples and templates on how to critique.  You have to give a certain number of critiques before you can submit up to 5,000 words and get critiques from other members.  Critiques are graded on how helpful they were by the writer who receives them.  This is only the beginning of all the helpful goodies that are on this site.  No, I do not own stock or make any money from Critique Circle.

I have submitted two chapters of my novel so far, and benefited enormously from the critiques already received.  Check it out.