Earth is an Orange

space I have been watching the news on PBS every week night for a couple years, and maybe that’s too much.

This morning I was lying in bed on the downside of a migraine headache when the following rumination entered my head: The earth is an orange. Humanity is an organism upon the orange. This organism is growing so fast it is eventually going to take over the whole orange, so much so that the orange is decaying; it can no longer support the organism. Conversely, while the organism is growing, parts of it are also destroying itself, which is a natural occurrence in nature when any organism becomes so overgrown that it begins to destroy that which enables it to thrive. In this particular case, there is almost a balance between birth and death, but not quite. The question is, how will the future of the organism and the orange turn out?

Perhaps hundreds, or thousands, of these oranges exist in the universe, all running this same scenario. On some of them, the organism burned itself out, left an orange that could no longer support it. On others, hopefully, the organism adjusted itself in order to exist with a healthy orange. Only those organisms with healthy oranges survive to leave their oranges and move on.

What organism would want one who could not even take care of its own orange to join it in the universe?

2 thoughts on “Earth is an Orange

  1. Great Metaphor! On the first episode of the new TV COSMOS series presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson, he compares the age of the universe to one calendar year, with the big-bang starting at zero hour on January 1st and today being midnight on December 31st. Accordingly we humans have only existed for a few days, recorded history for a few hours, and the ability to destroy ourselves for only a few minutes. Since the beginning of fossilized life on Earth more than a billion years ago, there have been five mass extinction events, the most recent being 60 million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out. Five billion years from now the Sun will die after incinerating the Earth. Your question is a good one, for eventually some of us are going to have to leave this orange for a newer orange somewhere in the Galaxy if we are to survive either the holocaust or extinction of this orange we now live on.


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