Stairs and Flowers

IMG_0208My goodness, what a time, and what a gorgeous day in San Francisco!

San Francisco, First stairwayHey, Bob, I hope you don’t mind that your photo is on my blog. The dome in the distance is the Palace of Fine Arts.  San Francisco Bay is in the background.

Friends and I took ourselves on a tour of stairways yesterday and saw some fabulous views and houses. This was a great way to get in your aerobic exercise without realizing how hard you are working. Did I truly say that? I meant while having a good time doing it. I knew how hard I was working. Definitely. I knew. Huff-n-puff.

IMG_0183We passed a number of foreign consulate buildings: Russia, Norway, Japan, to name a few. I expect the folks who live around here are of the top four percent, below the top one percent, that is.

IMG_0176In the late afternoon (to avoid the worst crowds) we went to the Bouquets to Art show at the de Young Museum.  Floral designers and nurseries from the area design bouquets to represent different art pieces in the gallery. The top picture is one example. Here are a couple more:

IMG_0197 IMG_0204

All these photos were taken with my iPhone and edited on iPhoto—which is nothing like Photoshop, but I don’t have the time to spend on photo-improving as I used to. I do notice I can’t get photos as sharp with the iPhone as I could with my Canon. This could partly be because it is more difficult to hold that little iPhone still while taking a shot.

Now I must get back to work on my novel. All play and no work, you know.