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Are You One of Us?

A Sixty-Year-Old Secret Shared Actually, this secret is older than that, since I’m now seventy-nine. I even kept it hidden from myself. That’s what we do when certain things might be nothing but trouble for us. No…

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Writing Diversity

I’m an explorer of places and people. Therefore, I began by reading books by and about diverse writers.

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Embracing Creativity at 79

In a world that often glorifies youth and new beginnings, a 79-year-old writer embarking on an ambitious creative endeavor might seem unusual.

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Review of Hardland

What I love most about this novel is that nothing is as simple as it appears, and the author sticks with reality along with plenty of suspense, as well as a little tender snaring of one’s heart.

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Pros and Cons of Creative AI

Striking a balance between using AI as a creative tool and preserving human ingenuity and individuality remains an ongoing challenge.

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First Write for Yourself

Do try writing your story in your own words though. Break a few pencils, crayons, whatever. Tear pages. Get. It. Out. That is what is most important.

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Austin’s Old Three Hundred

The two main families in my historical novel are members of those southerners who settled along or near the Brazos River in the early 1800s.

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Step Through Your Fear

It’s those little fears we all face nearly every day that are so easy to deny that bring us down, decision by decision.

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Gotta Have a Dream

I wanted to live an adventurous life, no matter the risks. I wanted to experience what I read about in books. That dream was a major part of what enabled me to get past what I…

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Nature is my Refuge

Nature is so big, so grand, so all-encompassing, that Dad seemed puny compared to it. As did my problems.

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