Are Mommy’s Fat Blobs Sexy?

I take my morning walks and think of the darnedest things.

This is either before or after listening to the morning news that is always about Covid or Trump’s and certain Republicans’ latest and constant attempt to subvert our democracy. Sigh. No, no. Everyone else is writing about that.

We have to pay so much for the stupid “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders” as my dad called them, which are exceedingly uncomfortable, and if your fat globs are large, even more so.

Yet men convince women that large blobs are best, even though the sweat that coagulates beneath the darn things is, at the very least, an aggravation, and at worst, leaves red streaks and burns. I’ll bet men own most of those companies that make and market those bras, too. 

Then there is cancer.

Women have been made to feel they are no longer women, or feminine, if they lose a fat blob to cancer. Never mind their life. I had a good friend who had this kind of cancer. Heaven forbid she be as attractive with the loss of one of her fat blobs. They took some of her other blob to fix the one she had lost. Darn if she didn’t look better with smaller fat blobs!

It’s just another man boss of human society thing, you know.

What do they see in these things? Mommy, of course. What else could it be? That old attachment to feeding, getting all they can. Admit it, guys. Suck away.

Personally, I’d give my fat blobs to anyone who wanted them if I could. They are now and always have been a complete nuisance.