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I was born in Ohio, worked my way to a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University and studied art and psychology at San Diego State University.  For years I hiked and backpacked all over Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and California, and finally settled in Tucson, Arizona.

As a child abuse survivor who was once depressed and suicidal, with the aid of friends, therapy, risk and challenge, I now live life to the fullest!

I hope my stories encourage readers to reach their own amazing potential regardless of what may have occurred in their past.

Dad thought I’d never leave Ohio for Colorado, then move to California, then backpack through Central America, and end up in a four-wheel drive with only my cat through Alaska.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

I write about people who struggle to find their place in the world and learn to thrive!

Normal is dull.

Karen mounted on a Texas longhorn
East Texas where my novel takes place, and this critter was quite friendly.

What do I read?

A lot. My favorite is historical fiction about people struggling in a world created with lots of excellent research. I want to know what it was like to live in the past, and I am never finished learning.

Barbara Kingsolver’s latest, Demon Copperhead, was breathtaking!

Just a few of my favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Mary Doria Russell, Robert Olmstead, and Molly Gloss.

My tuxedo cat, Dickens with my laptop, open to my novel on Scrivener.
Dickens and my laptop open to my novel on Scrivener.

My tuxedo cat buddy, Dickens, is my helper and muse.

I followed my heart and went for experiences every chance I got and created chances when they didn’t appear.

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