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Why Write a Book Review

I’m going to discuss the importance of reviews to writer and reader. Importance to Readers and Writers They must be important to readers because so many authors depend upon getting them which, in turn, means readers buying…

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Do You Write to Music?

Write to music? I play music all day long in my studio. Instrumental only. I am constantly up and down while writing on my computer: articles, scenes from my next book, editing the present novel. Or designing…

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Are You One of Us?

A Sixty-Year-Old Secret Shared Actually, this secret is older than that, since I’m now seventy-nine. I even kept it hidden from myself. That’s what we do when certain things might be nothing but trouble for us. No…

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Review of Hardland

What I love most about this novel is that nothing is as simple as it appears, and the author sticks with reality along with plenty of suspense, as well as a little tender snaring of one’s heart.

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First Write for Yourself

Do try writing your story in your own words though. Break a few pencils, crayons, whatever. Tear pages. Get. It. Out. That is what is most important.

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Gotta Have a Dream

I wanted to live an adventurous life, no matter the risks. I wanted to experience what I read about in books. That dream was a major part of what enabled me to get past what I…

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