Are You One of Us?

Blue sky with passing clouds

Actually, this secret is older than that, since I’m now seventy-nine.

I even kept it hidden from myself. That’s what we do when certain things might be nothing but trouble for us. No one would have believed me at the time. You likely won’t believe me now. Still, like over a thousand others who are revealing the same thing happened to them, I have to get it off my chest, regardless.

I don’t recall. Like so many things that happened in those years, I don’t recall the exact age I was when they occurred. Does this happen to you? There’s images, and feelings, and thoughts you had then, maybe smells and sometimes even music. You might even recall what you were wearing if it was important.

My three-years-younger sister and I were in the backyard of our house which was on a hill. It was a sizable area, maybe a quarter acre, leading up to a large field and then to woods, what was known as Meyers Woods then. This was in Portage Lakes, a suburb of Akron, Ohio, and everyone had fairly large yards then, before developers arrived, chopped down the trees, frightened the deer into our yards and built more houses. Our yard was mostly open grass except for a couple trees, one partway up the hill with my favorite climbing tree at the top, just this side of the field. Our pet cemetery was right up there, along with any dead birds or animals we happened to find.

This glorious summer afternoon we saw two silver disks up there, the size of quarters from the distance in which we saw them. What the? Diann got excited. My heart thumped crazily. But.

There must be some logical explanation. They moved in tandem, slowly. Balloons? Not like any balloon I had ever seen. Some weather thing, maybe. Had to be a reason for . . . that.

Then they zipped off so fast it was like they had never been. Silently.

Two seconds later jets came flying over left to right after them. Not nearly as fast, though.

That’s when I thought what I had seen was actually what I had seen.

We never told anyone.

The Klink sisters were already thought a little different.

Three people around a campfire at night looking up at lights in the sky.
Encounters,” the Netflix four-part docuseries explores four different mass UFO sightings in different parts of the world.

I don’t feel alone any longer. There’s thousands of us who have seen them and/or believe they exist. I personally know two other people who have, and one was in the Air Force when it happened.

We are not crazy or airy-fairy. We are authors, teachers, pilots, Nobel Prize Winning psychiatrists, and Nobel Prize Winning scientists. 

I believe they are letting us get normalized to their presence and one day that presence will be official.

I hope I am alive when it happens. 






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