Embracing Creativity at 79

Photo of writer sitting amid pink wildflowers and writing.

In a world that often glorifies youth and new beginnings, a 79-year-old writer embarking on an ambitious creative endeavor might seem unusual. With a heart full of determination and a spirit unburdened by the passing years, I’m determined to finish writing and publishing a three-book historical fiction series, along with a treasure trove of manuscripts that have found a home in the recesses of my computer.

My journey is not one solely defined by age, but by a passion for storytelling and an unquenchable thirst for self-expression. As I navigate the challenges and joys of my 79th year, I find myself in the midst of crafting a historical fiction series that transports readers to a distant era, weaving together threads of imagination and historical accuracy.

At What Cost, Silence?, The Texian Trilogy Book 1 cover
At What Cost, Silence? The Texian Trilogy, Book 1

My characters breathe life into the past, offering readers a chance to experience history in a way textbooks could never convey. Creativity knows no bounds, and the fire of inspiration can burn brightly at any age.

Yet, my creative pursuits don’t stop at this series. Nestled amidst the digital pages of my computer are several manuscripts, each holding a different story waiting to be told. Much like my series, these manuscripts bear witness to my dedication and love for telling stories.

I find solace in meditation and yoga, practices that not only nurture my physical well-being but provide a canvas upon which I paint my inner thoughts and emotions. 

My love for music adds yet another layer, offering both an escape and a source of inspiration. I never write without music in the background to set the mood.

Also, the act of nurturing life from soil mirrors my approach to nurturing stories from my imagination onto paper, as conflict with garden critters eating my plants mirrors conflict between my characters! I love the smell of fresh herbs in the garden and the taste of them in my recipes, as I have always enjoyed cooking (and eating good, nutritious food) since my mom taught me in the 50s. 

And traveling, whether physical or through the pages of books, broadens my horizons.

In addition, watercolor paintings capture the world’s beauty through another perspective. Just as I craft  narratives with care and attention to detail, my paintings reflect the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Watercolor painting of red paintbrush with blue background

My determination to complete this three-book historical fiction series and share my stories with the world defies the notion that age should dictate the scope of one’s aspirations. The fire of creativity can long burn brightly, igniting passions and inspiring others, no matter where they are on life’s journey. It’s never too late to pursue our dreams and make our mark upon the world—whether through the stroke of a pen, the brush of a paintbrush, or the notes of a melody.

Oops, my cat buddy Dickens reminds me of the most important thing one must have as I physically deteriorate like 1960’s VW Beetle—a healthy sense of humor.




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  1. da-AL Avatar

    Bravo! I wish you success with your endeavors and many more vibrant years 🥰

    1. Karen Lynne Klink Avatar

      Thanks, and the same to you!

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