Do You Write to Music?

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Write to music? I play music all day long in my studio. Instrumental only. I am constantly up and down while writing on my computer: articles, scenes from my next book, editing the present novel. Or designing on Canva, posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or merely folding my laundry.

At seventy-nine and with all that’s going on in my life at present, I prefer calm, sometimes rhythmic, music. I play Shastro, Deuter, and similar.

The web is full of articles and blogs by those of us who write to music.

Many writers, including myself, find solace and inspiration in the rhythmic embrace of music while we write. Its a practice that has been embraced by creative minds throughout history. As an author based in Tucson, Arizona, I can attest to the power of music in shaping not only the atmosphere of my writing but the emotional depth of characters and stories.

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Music has an uncanny ability to evoke emotions, and as writers, we harness this power to infuse our characters with life and authenticity. The choice of music can set the tone for a scene, helping convey joy, sorrow, excitement, or nostalgia.

Imagine a character navigating a tumultuous relationship; the anguished strains of a violin can mirror their inner turmoil, while a gentle piano melody might signify moments of tender connection. The emotional effects of music are palpable, allowing us to create multi-dimensional characters who resonate with readers on a profound level.

Furthermore, music can guide the rhythm of prose. The tempo of a song can influence the pacing of a scene. An upbeat tune may inspire brisk dialogue and action, while a slower melody can encourage introspection and contemplation. By aligning the flow of writing with the music, we craft narratives that ebb and flow like a symphony, engaging readers on a sensory level.

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What inspires one writer may not work for another. Some may prefer instrumental compositions to keep distractions at bay, while others find lyrical ballads provide lyrical inspiration. In my experience, the choice of music is as individual as the stories we tell.

For authors like myself who thrive on storytelling centered around individuals facing challenges and discovering their true selves, music is a trusted ally. It guides me through a labyrinth of emotions, enriches my characters and sets the rhythm of narrative. So, the next time you open your laptop, pick up a pen, or read a book, consider letting music be your muse, and watch how characters and stories come to life in harmony.





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  1. Darcy Branwyn Avatar
    Darcy Branwyn

    I listen to music while I write too. It sets the backdrop for me. 😊

    1. Karen Lynne Klink Avatar

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I don’t know what I would do without music.

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