Ups and Downs of a Writer

View from my deck in the spring

Ups and downs of a writer. I would rather write than do all this other marketing stuff.

I loved fifteen years writing and researching At What Cost, Silence? and its sequels. Ups.

Marketing the book is plowing through mud. Downs. 

How badly do I want others to read what I write? Some days it’s vitally important, other days I’m not so sure.

I despised having to sell magazines when I was in school. And Girl Scout cookies. I did better selling art when I worked in an art gallery because I love art so much. But I’m not naturally a sales person. How many of us are?

I sit out here on my deck this morning with my cup of decaf green tea and Manuka honey and wonder why I work so hard to learn all this new stuff to get readers for my book that hasn’t even been published yet. Can’t I enjoy the beauty of our yard without considering the best way to describe it—a better word than “beauty”? Birds are singing, Dickens is here and lovely music is playing in the background. Why not spend all my time enjoying this rather than being anxious about what I still have to do today?

I do want people to read my book, though. I think if they begin it they will truly enjoy it. Maybe even learn something, maybe something helpful.

My cat buddy Dickens lying on the back patio.

Welcome to my world.

I was determined when I began this blog my readers were going to get the honest me as I went through this process. There you have it. I welcome all questions and comments. 

Do you have days like this, too?






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