Why I Write, A Memoir in Blog Form

This is the beginning of a series about why I write. You could call it a memoir in blog form rather than in a book. It has taken me two weeks to get the nerve to write these words, but in reality it has taken me most of my life—with the help of hours, nay months, of therapy.

Cormorants at Isla Chimay, Mexico, by Karen Lynne Klink

I’m posting this for me and for all those who have been through the same or a similar experience, and I believe there are plenty of you out there.

The photos at the top of each post are from my adult adventures. They represent a success story, a survivor’s album, to speak. All the shit I went through as a child was survived by both me and my sister, and my Mom. We got through it. Not without bruises, mind you. Those will remain. Forever. But we have lives with which we are satisfied, even happy. Diann and I are stronger after what we experienced.

And we are thriving.

My sister Diann paints abstract art, art that expresses emotion. I express myself through writing. 

A few members of my extended family are aware of what I am about to reveal in these posts. Others are not. What I write will be what I recall, my truth, and whatever my sister wishes to add. I will not embellish in any way. 

Much of my childhood I have forgotten. This “forgetfulness” may be subconscious protection, but I don’t know. Diann often recalls instances I do not. Perhaps this is normal.

I don’t believe I ever thanked my ex-husband, with whom I am still friends, for encouraging me to begin therapy. Thank you, Fred, so much. I would ever have the courage to write this, otherwise.

I am an incest survivor. I, my sister, and my mom also suffered emotional abuse, until Diann and I escaped as adults and Dad died.

Mom cried at his funeral and his family thought it was because of his death. She told me it was because of all the wasted years.

I believe and sincerely hope that what was thought of merely as shyness is recognized today by teachers in schools today for what it was when we were in school in the fifties. Afraid of boys and practically unable to socialize among our peers, we were two terrified and abused little girls.

It began when he came home from World War II.


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  1. Diann Klink Avatar
    Diann Klink

    I am so supportive of my sister as she delves into this difficult subject. One of the hardest things for me is that those childhood years of abuse still affect our lives, that you never truly “get over” it. We both can feel strong and independent in our current lives, but a little reminder of the past can send our minds reeling with that sense of vulnerablity. There were times as a child I was too fearful to speak to anyone except my sister–and the night terrors could send me into asthma attacks. Then finding out as a young adult that all of my three closest girlfriends had suffered child abuse from a close relative–it boggles my mind that it has been so rampant in our supposedly civilized human society.

  2. Karen Lynne Klink Avatar

    Thanks, Diann. One of the few good things from this experience is that it brought us close.

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