Why Write a Book Review

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I’m going to discuss the importance of reviews to writer and reader.

They must be important to readers because so many authors depend upon getting them which, in turn, means readers buying their books. Amazon certainly depends upon them. The Amazon algorithm won’t promote you until your books gets at least fifty reviews. Regardless whether you like Amazon, or not, it cannot be ignored by authors.

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In working on my book, I learned there are lots of worthwhile sites to get your book reviewed, AND for readers to find good books—without having to pay for the review. My publicist introduced me to some of them for my virtual book tour. Having a publicist introduce an author to them is often necessary for an author with a debut book, as most of these reviewers are flooded with books and prefer to have them vetted in some way before spending time reviewing and promoting.

What makes these book sites valuable to an author is that these sites are read by thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of readers. These readers get their information from the site about what to read.

What makes these sites valuable to readers is not merely the excellent reviewer(s), but additional information about the author and the book. Information that is often far beyond what you can find on Amazon, or even Goodreads.

Here’s a few I have discovered:

I’ll end with this recent post by one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen Lamb: Book Reviews: Why They Matter So Much. If you have hesitated or feared to write a review, you may want to take a gander at this humorous yet informative article.

Do you have useful book sites or blogs you would like to share? Please let me know and I will share them in the next post.






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